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Laying your Sod

Laying sod is just transplanting. We harvest it from our fields & it needs to root quickly into your soil.

If you are not able to lay the sod right away, you must separate the sod, keep in a cool area and never put a tarp or covering over it, as it will start composting much faster than normal.

Starting on an outside perimeter, along a straight line (sidewalk/driveway) lay your first row. Butt the joints tight to prevent any gaps, but do not overlap any sod edges. For your second row, you will stagger your sod pieces in a brick laying style. You will need to start cutting the sod to trim corners or landscape around your flower beds. You will need a sharp knife and you will find it much easier if you cut from the dirt side up to the leaf instead of the leaf to the dirt.

Start watering as soon as you finish one section of sod, and this will prevent any sod from drying out or shrinking and leaving gaps in your work.

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