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See below some practical but easy steps to prepare your area for sod. Remove rocks, roots and weeds Evenly slope your soil down from the building for proper drainage & then level A light lawn roll will help level as well as show any uneven areas

Laying sod is just transplanting. We harvest it from our fields & it needs to root quickly into your soil. If you are not able to lay the sod right away, you must separate the sod, keep in a cool area and never put a tarp or covering over it, as it w

Only mow after your sod has rooted. Make sure your mower blade is sharp and set at the correct height. We recommend that you mow a height of 4cm’s and you can measure the height by placing it on your sidewalk and measuring the distance between the s

This is the most important part of laying sod. There is rarely any time where you can over water! Give your sod at least 1” of water immediately after installing your sod. A quick tip on how to measure is place a tuna can on the sod and when it is f