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Best Quality Products

SOD: Our Kentucky Blue Grass turf is seeded, fertilized & irrigated for Residential and Commercial purposes. It is specifically blended by the Mountain’s for the looks, fast green up and especially the handling. Our mixture of seed is what provides the constant green through the whole growing season. We have the 2 sizes of sod: Standard Small Rolls which are 2’ wide x 5’ long OR the Big Rolls (acreage or commercial) and are 4’ wide 100’ long, and used in conjunction with a skid steer/tractor.


FERTILIZER: Mountain Sod’s special blended granular fertilizer is made specifically for new turf. Its blend is high potassium to help develop the root system and with the correct blend of Nitrogen & Phosphate to ensure your lawn is lush and green for the whole year.


SEED: This is Mountain Sod’s own Kentucky Blue Grass Seed that we use to grow our sod, so the seed will match any one of our fields that the sod came from.

We also carry a playground Mix Seed that is meant for larger areas (for example acreage or commercial work) that requires less maintenance than the average lawn.