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Mountain sod farm

landscaping design
begins with great lawn

The most important aspect of developing an attractive, problem free lawn begins with choosing the right grass varieties that are grown on the best soil, and that adapts easily to your area.

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lawn maintenance tip

Care for your lawn after being installed is critical for being established with the ground below. Watering is key, and is required for the roots to established.

Mountain sod farm

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Welcome to Mountain Sod Farm

There is a sense of pride that comes with being a family farm, that cannot typically be achieved in operations where the majority of the workers are employees. Each and every family member has a vested interest in the success of the operation. It is our heritage and legacy for generations to come. Serving Sod to Innisfail, Didsbury, Lacombe, Carstairs, Blackfalds, Olds, Red Deer, Ponoka.

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  •  85 years combined experience
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Commercial Didsbury Fire Hall

Didsbury's New Fire Hall

Residential Install

Residential install Didsbury

Harvesting Mountain sod farm for Delivery

Mountain sod farm

From the time the seed is planted here at Mountain sod farm, is approximately 2 years. Unlike many other sod farms, we wait the extra time to harvest to make sure we achieve a superior root system, which will give the customer a quality turf product, and most important, easier handling and installation.

Mountain sod farm rolls

Small Rolls:  are 2 x 5 feet for a total of 10 square feet
Big Rolls:  Are 4' x 100' feet, and are used for open spaces & large jobs. 

It is easy enough for someone with little or no experience or contractors with a minimal crew.  You will need a tractor or skidsteer, and Mountain sod farm provides all the attachments you need at no cost (we do ask for a refundable deposit). Our experienced staff here at Mountain sod farm will get you started and will stay with you until you get going on your big roll experience.

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See below some practical but easy steps to prepare your area for sod. Remove rocks, roots and weeds Evenly slope your soil down from the building for proper drainage & then level A light lawn roll will help level as well as show any uneven areas


Laying your Sod

Laying sod is just transplanting. We harvest it from our fields & it needs to root quickly into your soil. If you are not able to lay the sod right away, you must separate the sod, keep in a cool area and never put a tarp or covering over it, as it w



Only mow after your sod has rooted. Make sure your mower blade is sharp and set at the correct height. We recommend that you mow a height of 4cm’s and you can measure the height by placing it on your sidewalk and measuring the distance between the s

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